Whether you make fabrics from the military, the oil, gas, or mining industry, public services (fire departments) or any other specific need that involves personal protection, we can produce the type of yarn that meets you expectations and will adhere to the quality standards that your job demands to provide maximum protection against cut or hurt for Industrial workers and athletic workers who need to carry out cutting dangerous tasks.

    Composition: Here are a few examples of how to combine different threads to obtain cut-resistant gloves intended for a variety of uses.

    • UHMWPE+ Fiberglass
    • UHMWPE +Fiberglass+ Nylon+ Spandex
    • UHMWPE+ nylon+ Lycra
    • UHMWPE + Carbon fibre + Nylon + Lycra
    • UHMWPE + Fiberglass + Polyamide
    • Aramid + Stainless Steel thread + Spandex
    • Aramid+ Carbon fiber cover yarn
    • Aramid+ stainless steel reinforced yarns
    • Aramid+ fiberglass reinforced cover yarns
    • Carbon+ fiberglass reinforced yarns
    • HPPE+ Polyester+ Fiberglass+ Spandex
    • Fiberglass+ stainless steel reinforced cover yarns

    Protection standard: EN388 LEVEL 3, LEVEL 4, LEVEL 5